Walk-Ons at UNC Chapel Hill

The UNC Walk-Ons is a gender inclusive acapella group that strives to create beautiful music and even more beautiful friendships. Established in 2001, the Walk-Ons are known for their semesterly concerts and their competition presence at the ICCA’s, where, in 2017, they competed in quarterfinals and placed third, where they also won for best choreography!

The Walk-Ons can easily be identified by their signature Carolina Blue shoes!

Will has been a Walk-On since Spring 2022 and has loved every second of it. He has participated in 2 concerts with the Walk-Ons and has gotten to record the Walk-Ons’ most recent ICCA set with the help of award winning Liquid Fifth Productions!

He has recently taken on the role of treasurer as well!

Watch the Walk-Ons’ Journey to Prepare for their Fall 2022 Concert!

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