About Will

Will grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is currently a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in Communications and Media and Journalism. He is very interested in creating digital content and hopes to focus his studies in audio and visual production. Although he does not have a career in mind, one of his dream jobs is to do the sound design for a Broadway show.

Will has an extensive theatre and performance background. He began performing in middle school in plays and in show choir. He continued through high school and even began competing. Will was one of two people from Ardrey Kell High School to be selected to compete in the Blumey Awards, a statewide theatre competition. In college, he has continued his performance endeavors by joining an acapella group, the UNC-Walk Ons!

Will loves hanging out with his friends more than anything in the world. Over 80 students from his high school now go to UNC, so Will has had the opportunity to meet many new people at Chapel Hill while also being able to stay in touch with old friends as well.

Besides performing, Will loves to workout, play video games, and watch reality TV. His favorite type of reality tv is any sort of competition show and it is his dream to be on Survivor. He also has a very strange obsession with puzzles and escape rooms, and one day, he wants to open his very own!

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